Jiuxiang Limestone Cave&Pu Zhe Hei

Soundtrack Language: Chinese
Subtitle Language: Chinese and English
Medium: 1 DVD
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Date on Shelf: 2008-12-24
ISRC: CN-E22-08-0138-0/V.Z

Item Descriptions:
Located in Jiuxiang village, Yuliang county, Yunnan province, China, Jiuxiang karst caves features a typical karst topography which form by over 100 karst caves. The tourist attractions mainly includes White-Elephant Cave, Fairy Palace and Crouching-Dragon Cavern, etc. All of which reveal to you a fantastic landform and wonder of landscape you may have ever seen. Pu Zhe Hei Scenic Spot has a typical landscape of karst topography, dotted with numerous lakes, peaks, solutional caves. An aquatic tourist route as long as 21 kilometers surrounded by 54 lakes of different sizes will greet you with a languishing scent of water lily covering over 1,000 mu and bewitching scenery in the seasons of summer and autumn.

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