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The investigation revealed that several employees at different call centres had abused their login credentials to steal data that was then used to request codes which could unlock stolen phones. The information was sold on to phone thieves.

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"We believe that it's likely that it goes through," Smith told cable television network CNBC. Starboard had a 4.5 percent ownership stake in Staples as of March and boosted its holdings in Office Depot to nearly 10 percent in December.

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Daenerys, meanwhile, was sticking to what she knew, reminding her court that she was a queen, not a politician. But her dragons were still uncontrollable, and a dragon queen with no dragons isn’t much cop when you’re attempting to seize the iron throne.

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The man, who is believed to be homeless, was discovered by a passerby near 72nd St. and West Drive around 6:30 p.m., police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene in the vicinity of Strawberry Fields.

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Earlier on Monday Russia lifted a ban on deliveries of theadvanced anti-missile system to Tehran, which has reached aninterim deal with world powers on curbing its nuclear programmein exchange for the lifting of international sanctions.

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As magic realist writing gave way to political activism his critical stock fell somewhat. In the 1960s and 1970s, he expanded his subjects from recent German history and contemporary politics into other issues, such as feminism, the art of cooking, and ecology. In From the Diary of a Snail (1972) Grass invented a “diary” of his travels as a campaigner for the Social Democrats in the 1969 election. Interwoven with the account and views of the narrator and the author, is a story about Hermann Ott, a collector of snails whose slow, steady movement becomes a symbol of Social Democratic policy. The Flounder (1977) was a comic meditation on the history of food and male dominance.

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The operation was a joint investigation between the Warwick Child Protection and Investigation Unit and detectives from Taskforce Argos, the Queensland Police Service specialist online child exploitation team.

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Robert Holcombe, former curator of the National Civil War Naval Museum, told the AP in February that while the original photograph would be needed to confirm if the image was authentic, he believed it was real.

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