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"Women's risk of heart disease tends to be underestimated by both the public and the medical profession because of the perception that oestrogen protects them. In reality this just delays the onset of CVD by 10 years. The result is that women's risk factors are left untreated, leaving them more vulnerable to heart attack, heart failure and sudden cardiac death when the protection fades after menopause," Dr Price explained.

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Infracapital, the infrastructure investment arm of M&GInvestments, has appointed Andy Matthews to lead its greenfieldinfrastructure investment activities. Matthews joins from 3iGroup Plc's infrastructure team.

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Despite this recommendation and numerous public health campaigns, there has been poor uptake in the U.S—only 38 percent of girls and 14 percent of boys had been fully vaccinated in 2013. Much of the opposition to the vaccine has centered around the fear that protecting young children against HPV could lead them to experiment with sex.

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Investing in art can also incur high costs, whether that is fund charges or associated transaction, insurance and storage costs if you’re buying individual works. Many people will also need to pay for specialist advice on what and when to buy. Purchase and resale fees when buying and selling art can be as much as 25pc.

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Libyan militants professing loyalty to Islamic State have claimed several high-profile attacks on foreigners in Libya this year, including an assault on the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli and the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians.

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"In general, the trend is moving toward more genes,” said Carin Espenschied, a senior products manager at Ambry and a genetic counselor. "Research and insurance companies kind of just have to catch up."

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They’re both huge, arena-worthy artists in their own right, which does make one wonder what forces conspired to push the former bass player with The Police and Art Garfunkel’s sometime recording partner out on the road together.

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BEIJING (AP) — Lawyers said Chinese authorities on Monday released five women's rights campaigners whose detentions sparked an international outcry and underscored the government's tight restrictions on independent social activism.

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FireEye said the hackers used social engineering attacks, such as phishing emails, to gain access to computer systems and inject malware. The primary goal of the attack, known as APT30, appears to be to steal sensitive information for government espionage.

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A weaker sterling could help FTSE-listed British exporterssell more goods overseas, but Logic Investments' Ryan Mitchellsaid he had a small "short" on the FTSE - namely betting on aminor pullback of 1-2 percent.

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The CERT unit of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, a federally funded body which tracks computer bugs and internet security issues, issued a warning about the vulnerability on Monday.

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This contrasts with six years ago, when the interior minister at the time, Rehman Malik, provided graphic details of how a part of the Mumbai attacks conspiracy was hatched in Pakistan. Indian officials have since said that they also handed evidence against Mr Lakhvi and his comrades to Pakistani prosecutors.

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Big banks, including JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America, are due to report results, providing an expected bright spot in an otherwise gloomy first quarter. Profits of companies on the S&P 500 are projected to have declined 2.9 per cent in the first three months from a year ago, according to Thomson Reuters data.

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Without suspending its operations in Russia, the IFC hasn’t approved financing for any projects in the country since last May. The World Bank said in September that there was no agreement to proceed with any plans in Russia.

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"Our findings have, for the first time, uncovered the effect of targeting the NF-kappaB protein in bowel cancer cells. We are continuing this important research in order to develop a new treatment approach for bowel cancer which could potentially result in better treatments for patients with this disease," commented Dr Ryan, who added that she was ‘delighted' to win the Young Investigator Award.

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It is more traditional for festivals in the mountains to be of the musical variety – not to mention the constant europop blasting out across the Alps from any kind of slopeside bar or restaurant. But for once, and refreshingly so, it was the sound of laughter that filled the air.

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Minister Varadkar added that this is a good example of why the EU was established in the first place - ‘not to impose rules and regulations on people, but rather to make travel, trade and movement around the continent more free'.

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With political parties under increasing pressure to explain how they will fund their pledges, the Institute for Fiscal Studies complained on Sunday that they were making "lots of promises" without producing much detail on how to deliver them.

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"As I was growing up I learnt from her campaigns for freedom and choice in childbirth that passionate and committed individuals can create social change. She never hesitated to speak truth to power", said Celia Kitzinger.

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