Illustrations of Foot Reflex Zone Massage, English Edition

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Author: Wang Yawei; Publisher: Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers
ISBN: 7532399516, 9787532399512; 1st Edition 2009; Paperback
Size: 18.2 x 11 x 1 cm; 136 pages; Language: English Edition

This book is one of the volumes of series of Fast Track to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The book contains four chapters which expounds the foot reflex zone massage in terms of the origin, development, conception, function, its relations with other therapies, rudimentary essentials, and medical principles. It also elaborates the location and the operation of foot reflex zones, along with 161 colored photographs. In addition, the book introduces the clinical application of the integral massage of both feet. The whole book features text with pictures, easy-to-read style, and English layout, which is suitable for domestic and overseas foot reflex zone massage doctors and enthusiasts to learn and consult.

Chapter I Introduction
Section l The Origin and Development of Foot Reflex Zone Massag
Section 2 Foot Reflex Zone Massage: Conception, Functions and its Relations with Other Therapies
Section 3 The Rudimentary Essentials of Foot Reflex Zone Massage
Chapter 2 The Medical Principles of Foot Reflex Zone Massage
Section 1 The Theory of Balance between Yin and Yang
Section 2 The Doctrine of Nervous Reflex
Section 3 The Principle of Blood Circulation
Section 4 The Theory of Meridians and Collaterals
Section 5 The Doctrine of Biological Hologram
Section 6 Psychological Effect
Chapter 3 Location and Operation of Foot Reflex Zones
Section l Foot Reflex Zones: Rough Location, Correspondin relations and Manipulations of Massage
Section 2 Foot Reflex Zones: Specific Location, Performanc and Indications
Chapter 4 Integral Massage of Two Feet
Section 1 Basic Reflex Zones
Section 2 Direct Reflex Zones
Section 3 Correlated Reflex Zones
Section 4 The Principles of Allocation and Combination of Reflex Zones

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