Illustrations Acupoint locating Manual, Chinese-English

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Editor: Gao Xi-yan; Publisher: Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers
ISBN: 7532396266, 9787532396269; 1st edition in 2009; Paperback
Size: 13.8 x 10.4 x 1 cm, 144 pages; Language: Chinese-English with true-color illustrations

Acupoint locating is the key step for needling treatment, since accurate location is directly related to the therapeutic efficacy. This book is compiled with intention ot provide an approach to locate the acupoints in a fast and accurate way.

Locating procedure for 361 meridian acupoints and 33 extra acupoints has been introduced in this book. All photos attached are from real human body to guarantee a true to life effect.

This book is open-and-shut by presenting ample content utilizing both literal and graphic vision. It is a wise choice to apply this book as reference for acupuncture practitioners, TCM college students, and acupuncture fans from both home and abroad.

Chapter 1 Methods of Locating Acupoints
Section 1 Bone Proportional Cun
Section 2 Anatomical Landmarks
Section 3 Finger Measurement
Section 4 Simple Measurement
Chapter 2 Acupoints of the Fourteen Meridians
Section 1 Acupoints of Lung Meridian of Hand-Taiyin
1 Zh6ngfu(LU 1)
  2 Yunmen(LU 2)
  3 Tianfu(LU 3)
  4 Xiabai(LU 4)
  5 Chize(LU 5)
  6 Kongzui(LU 6)
  7 Lieque(LU 7)
  8 Jingqu(LU 8)
  9 Taiyuan(LU 9)
  10 Yuji(LU 10)
  11 Shaoshang(LU 11)
 Section 2 Acupoints of Large Intestine Meridian of Hand-Yangming
 Section 3 Acupoints of Stomach Meridian of Foot-Yangming
 Section 4 Acupoints of Spleen Meridian of Foot-Taiyin
 Section 5 Acupoints of Heart Meridian of Hand-Shaoyin
 Section 6 Acupoints of Small Intestine Meridian of Hand-Taiyang
 Section 7 Acupoints of Bladder Meridian of Foot-Taiyang
 Section 8 Acupoints of Kidney Meridian of Foot-Shaoyin
 Section 9 Acupoints of Pericardium Meridian of Hand-Jueyin
 Section 10 Acupoints of Sanjiao Meridian of Hand-Shaoyang
 Section 11 Acupoints of Gallbladder Meridian of Foot-Shaoyang
 Section 12 Acupoints of Liver Meridian of Foot-Jueyin
 Section 13 Acupoints of Governor Vessel
 Section 14 Acupoints of Conception Vessel
Chapter 3 Commonly Used Extra Acupoints

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