Illustration of Guasha (Scrape) Therapy, English-Chinese

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Author: Zheng Meifeng; Publisher: Shanghai Science and Technology Press
ISBN: 7532396258, 9787532396252; 1st Edition 2009; Paperback
Size: 13.8 x 10.4 x 1.4 cm; 210 pages; Language: Chinese-English 

Based on the holistic view of traditional Chinese medi-cine, Guasha therapy can be used in a full range of treat-ments to promote the body's self-healing ability. It is re-garded as a convenient and reliable therapy since it issafe, effective, and easy to operate. In addition, it does notcause any adverse reactions or side effects.

This book consists of three parts. Part A contains theessential theory of Guasha, including a brief introduction,an overview of commonly used tools, basic procedures,body parts and points, operational methods, and indica-tions as well as precautions. Part B contains the practicalapplications of Guasha therapy in the treatment of com-mon conditions and in health care in general. Finally the attached chapter provides aI collection of typical case stud-ies illustrating the use of Guasha therapy.

With rich contents and straightforward descriptions,this book can serve as a sound reference book for clini-cians, medical students and overseas students as well as those who are interested in self care and treatment.

Part A Essential Theory of Guasha Therapy
Chapter 1 Brief Introduction to Guasha Therapy
Chapter 2 Common Tools of Guasha Therapy
Section 1 Guashatools
Section 2 Guasha medium
Chapter 3 Procedures for Guasha Therapy
Section 1 Method for holding the Guasha board
Section 2 Scope of Guasha
Section 3 Common Guasha methods
Section 4 Special Guasha methods
Chapter 4 Common Body Parts and Points Used in Guasha Therapy
Section 1 Back
Section 2 Head
Section 3 Neck
Section 4 Chest and abdomen
Section 5 Four extremities
Attached: Profile of cutaneous regions
Chapter 5 Preparations Prior to Guasha Therapy
Section 1 Principle of point selection
Section 2 Method of point combination
Section 3 Selection of body position

Chapter 6 Operational Procedures of Guasha Therapy
Section 1 Procedures prior to Guasha therapy
Section 2 Procedures during Guasha therapy
Section 3 Procedures after Guasha therapy
Chapter 7 Indications for Guasha Therapy
Chapter 8 Precautions for Guasha Therapy
Part B Guasha Therapy in Practice
Chapter 9 Guasha Therapy for Internal Diseases
Section 1 Sunstroke
Section 2 Fever
Section 3 Common cold
Section 4 Cough
Section 5 Asthma
Section 6 Headache
Section 7 Insomnia
Section 8 Hypochondriac pain
Section 9 Vomiting
Section 10 Hiccups
Section 11 Gastric pain
Section 12 Constipation
Section 13 Vertigo
Section 14 Hypertension
Section 15 Facial palsy
Section 16 Trigeminal neuralgia
Chapter 10 Guasha Therapy for Traumatology and External Conditions
Section 1 Stiffneck
Section 2 Cervical spondylosis
Section 3 Sprain or strain
Section 4 Frozen shoulder
Section 5 Lower back pain
Section 6 Sciatica
Section 7 Tennis elbow
Section 8 Sural spasm
Chapter 11 Guasha Therapy for Gynecological and Pediatric Conditions
Section 1 Dyspepsia (food retention)
Section 2 Whooping cough
Section 3 Dysmenorrhea
Section 4 Irregular menstruation
Section 5 Lobula hyperplasia of the mammary gland
Chapter 12 Guasha Therapy for Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Conditions
Section 1 Conjunctivitis
Section 2 Stye
Section 3 Toothache
Section 4 Sore throat
Chapter 13 Guasha Therapy for Cosmetology and Health Care
Section 1 Weight loss
Section 2 Hair loss

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