Illustration of Composed Acupoints in Acupuncture Use, Liu Yan

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Author: Liu Yan; Publishing house: Shanghai Scientific & Technical Publishers
ISBN: 7-5323-9098-4; 1st Edition in 2004; 2nd Edition 2008
Language: Chinese-English; 312 Pages; Size: 7.6’’ X 10.5’’; Hardcover

Brief Description:
Composed acupoints is the group of acupoints composed of two points or more, it’s a new combination and new form in the development of acupoints.

There are 455 composed acupoints in common use in clinic introduced in this book, which is divided into four chapters: 38 on the head, face, neck and nape regions, 123 on the trunk, 143 on the four limbs and 151 composed points located on the whole body.  They are all the effective composed acupoints commonly used in clinic.  Most of the acupoints are not complicated, so after reading the book, the readers can use them and obtain preferable effects.

The content of this book is easy to learn and easy to comprehend, and it takes the form of Chinese-English description and illustration, which is more convenient for the doctors and lovers of acupoints and moxibustion at home and abroad.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Composed acupoints on the head, face, neck and nape
Chapter 2 Composed acupoints on the trunk
Chapter 3 Composed acupoints on the four limbs
Chapter 3 Composed acupoints on the whole body 

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