Illustrated TCM External Therapies for Common Diseases

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Compiler-in-Chief: Zhu Bangxian, Tang Hanjun
Publishing house: Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers
ISBN: 7-5323-8612-0; 1st Edition in 2006; 1st Printing in 2006
Language: Chinese-English; 289 Pages; Size: 7.75"x10.55"; Hardcover

Brief Description:
Like the internal treatments of traditional Chinese medicine, the external therapies of TCM are equally important and essential parts of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques of TCM. Compared with the therapy of internal medicine, the external therapies are safe and no invasion with lasting effect but no involvement of metabolism and therefore more indicated for the old and young who are reluctant or unable to take oral medications.

The book introduces 43 external therapies of TCM which work to effectively threat diseases by stimulating the body surface through medication, photoelectric magnetic field and instrument, leading to dredging meridians and regulating qi, blood and function of internal organs through skin-penetrating absorption and meridian qi induction.  Each therapy covers the preparation of external application agents or instrument, operation approaches, clinical application and treatment of diseases in subspecialties and attention points. In addition, the sketch maps of operation are also combined here to help better understanding and learning.

The book is suitable for readers who are TCM external therapy doctors, the faculty and students of the universities of TCM, TCM external therapy fans, personnel going abroad, oversea TCM external therapy practitioners and international students.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
1. History of external therapy
2. Mechanism and principles of external therapy
Chapter 2 Herb External Therapies
1. The application therapy
2. The spreading therapy
3. The plaster therapy
4. The encircling therapy
5. The spreading and tapping therapy
6. The suppository therapy
7. The insertion therapy
8. The enema therapy
9. The maceration therapy
10. The bathing therapy
11. The fumigating therapy
12. The ironing therapy
13. The post-application warming therapy
14. The medicated thread therapy
15. The medicine dropping therapy
16. The medicinal powder-insufflation therapy
17. The medicine inhaling therapy
18. The mouth-rinsing therapy
19. The medicine-wearing therapy
20. The medicinal pillow therapy
21. The medicine-holding therapy
Chapter 3 The Instrumental External Therapy
1. The cupping therapy
2. The fire cauterizing therapy
3. The cutting therapy
4. The incision therapy
5. The blood letting therapy
6. The Guasha therapy
7. The stone needling and irrigating therapy
8. The needle-couching therapy
9. The bandage-twining therapy
10. The ligation therapy
11. The splinting therapy
12. The thread-drawing therapy
13. The thread-dragging therapy
14. The sclerosing agent injection therapy
15. The Bian-wood manipulation therapy
16. The combing therapy
17. The rolling and rubbing therapy
Chapter 4 Other External Therapies
1. The musk-fire therapy
2. The mud therapy
3. The sand bath therapy
4. The paraffin application therapy
5. The leech suck therapy
6. The bee sting therapy

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