Illustrated Chinese Tuina Techniques and Methods

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Author: Chen Zhaoguang; Publisher: People’s Military Press
ISBN: 9787509130643, 7509130646; 1st Edition 2009; Hardcover
Size: 26.2 x 18.6 x 2.2 cm; 327 pages; Language: Chinese-English

This book comprehensively introduces the fundamentals, techniques and methods and clinical application of Chinese tuina (massage) while bringing out its unique aspects. The seven chapters are divided into three sections: the fundamentals chapters introduce the basic knowledge of tuina, tuina self-cultivation training and the practice of tuina manipulation; the techniques and methods chapters introduce the manipulation techniques used in adult and child tuina; and the clinical chapters introduce tuina therapy for adults and children. It is our belief that the key to preventing and treating disease lies in the quality of the tuina manipulations. The practitioner's familiarity with the techniques and their appropriate clinical application has a direct effect on clinical efficacy. For this reason this book places great emphasis on introducing the most important simple and compound tuina manipulations used in adult and child tuina therapy. The definitions, important movement points, operation method and clinical application for each manipulation are explained with illustrations and photographs in both Chinese and English. For these reason this book is highly practical, and is appropriate for TCM university and college tuina teachers and students, tuina enthusiasts and professionals who wish to quickly and correctly learn the basics of Chinese tuina.

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