Illustrated Acupuncture-Moxibustion Therapies for Common Disease

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Chief Compliers:  Zhao Jingsheng; Chief Translator:  Zhang Qingrong
Publishing House: Shanghai Scientific and Technological Publishers
ISBN: 978-7-5323-8740-3; 1st edition in 2007; 2nd printing in 2007
Language: Chinese-English; Size: 7.75"x10.50"; 224 Pages; Hardcover

Brief Description:
This is a practical book on acupuncture and moxibustion therapy. It is excellent in both illustration and text.
In the book, more than 70 kinds of commonly-encountered diseases in modern clinic, involving the departments of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, and eye, ear, nose, and throat, are dealt with about their patterns in differentiation and acupuncture-moxibustion remedies.
For the sake of practical demands, the main points are all illustrated. The book is precise in text with both Chinese and English. It is especially suitable for the overseas readers who have had a certain fundamental knowledge of acupuncture and moxibustion in Chinese medicine.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Health Care
Chapter 2 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chapter 3 Simple Obesity
Chapter 4 Diabetes Mellitus
Chapter 5 Hypertension
Chapter 6 Sequela of Apoplexy
Chapter 7 Peripheral Facial Paralysis
Chapter 8 Prosopalgia
Chapter 9 Sciatica
Chapter 10 Intercostal Neuralgia
Chapter 11 Angioneurotic Headache
Chapter 12 Insomnia
Chapter 13 Pharyngeal Paraesthenia
Chapter 14 Melancholy
Chapter 15 Paralysis Agitans
Chapter 16 Cervical Spondylopathy
Chapter 17 Dysfunction of Temporomandibular Joint
Chapter 18 Stiff Neck
Chapter 19 Scapulohumeral Periarthritis
Chapter 20 External Humeral Epicondylitis
Chapter 21 Gonitis
Chapter 22 Rheumatoid Arthritis
Chapter 23 Lumbago
Chapter 24 Acute Lumbar Sprain
Chapter 25 Sprain of Soft Tissues of Limbs

Chapter 26 Amyotrophy
Chapter 27 Influenza
Chapter 28 Acute and Chronic Bronchitis
Chapter 29 Bronchial Asthma
Chapter 30 Arrhythmia
Chapter 31 Coronary Heart Disease
Chapter 32 Acute Gastritis
Chapter 33 Chronic Gastritis
Chapter 34 Peptic Ulcer
Chapter 35 Gastroptosis
Chapter 36 Acute and Chronic Enteritis
Chapter 37 Biliary Infection and Calculi
Chapter 38 Habitual Constipation
Chapter 39 Leukocytopenia
Chapter 40 Primary Thrombocytopenic Purpura
Chapter 41 Infection of Urinary Tract
Chapter 42 Lithangiuria
Chapter 43 Urinary Retention
Chapter 44 Prostatitis
Chapter 45 Sexual Dysfunction of Men
Chapter 46 Hyperthyroidism
Chapter 47 Hemorrhoids
Chapter 48 Urticaria
Chapter 49 Eczema
Chapter 50 Herpes Zoster
Chapter 51 Neurodermatitis

Chapter 52 Acne Vulgaris
Chapter 53 Flat Wart
Chapter 54 Acute Conjunctivitis
Chapter 55 Aural Vertigo
Chapter 56 Nasosinusitis
Chapter 57 Rhinallergosis
Chapter 58 Acute and Chronic Laryngopharyngitis
Chapter 59 Dysmenorrhea
Chapter 60 Irregular Menstruation
Chapter 61 Amenorrhea
Chapter 62 Premenstrual Tension Syndrome
Chapter 63 Climacteric Syndrome
Chapter 64 Acute Mastitis
Chapter 65 Hyperplasia of Mammary Glands
Chapter 66 Sterility
Chapter 67 Malposition of Fetus
Chapter 68 Infantile Diarrhea
Chapter 69 Infantile Enuresis
Chapter 70 Infantile Convulsion
Chapter 71 High Fever
Chapter 72 Synope
Chapter 73 Anorexia
Chapter 74 Diaphragmatic Spasm
Chapter 75 Reaction of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy
Chapter 76 Smoke Stopping
Chapter 77 Temperance

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