Huizhou civil buildings Legend of Huizhou Businessmen

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Huizhou civil buildings
At the end of 2000,the United Nations Educational,Scientific,and Cultural Organization(UNESCO)listed Xidi into the cultural inheritance of the world.Such a country in the endless fossil of the ancient civilization,and the paragon of the Chinese country building.Hongcun is another one liseted in the cultural inheritance of the world.
By exploring and researching Xidi, Hongcun these two countries, we here reveal the pictures of the Huizhou civil buildings, customs, the elegant demeanour of the alleyway, and the Huizhou cultural concept of the combination of heaven and humans.
Legend of Huizhou Businessmen
From the different life stories of the three Huizhou businessmen,HuXueyan,who lived in Hangzhou,Wu Shidong,who lived in Suzhou,Jian Chun,who lived in Yangzhou,we can see the trmendous wealth,trade integrity,and the feudal business ideology of both official and business,all which are created by the Hui businessmen.

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