Happy China - Leaning Chinese: Huangshan, 1 Book + 1 DVD, CCTV

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Compiler: China Central Television (CCTV);
Publishing House: Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press
ISBN: 9787561914946; 1st Edition in 2006
Simplified Chinese & English; Book Size: 225 x 170 x 18mm;
203 pages; Paperback; 1 companion DVD attached;

Course Introduction: 
This  is  a  collection  of  course  books  co-published  by Beijing Language and Culture University Press and CCTV, together with high fidelity DVD, which will also be telecast on  the  International  Channel  of  CCTV.  This  collection includes four series: Places of Interest and Scenery Series, History  and  Culture  Series,  Nationalities  and  Customs Series, and City Panorama Series. What we have published now is the Places of Interest and Scenery Series. It is set against famous places of interest and integrates various presenting forms such as interview, scenario  composing,  spot  photographing,  aiming  to help foreigners learn Chinese in a happy and relaxed way—thus achieving the goal of “learn Chinese happily, memorize new words easily”. Meanwhile students can enjoy beautiful scenery in China and develop a better understanding of Chinese culture.

About the program:
The development of China has attracted the attention of the world, as a result of which a great upsurge for learning Chinese has been going on throughout the world.
The CCTV-4 program Happy China - Learning Chinese offers learners an opportunity to learn the Chinese language and culture while enjoying the beautiful scenic spots in China. Co-operating with the local administrations of the well-known scenic spots, this program well combines the learning of language skills with that of Chinese culture and history in an interesting, informative and enjoyable way.
With a 98% coverage in the world, the program of CCTV was broadcast since June, 2004. Quite a lot of the viewers expressed the hope to have the language materials as a learning aid. In view of this, we have invited Beijing Language and Culture University Press, a leading press in publications on Chinese learning materials for foreigners, to produce and publish these language materials for our viewers.
Apart from the language materials presented in the program, Words and Expressions, Notes, Substitution Drills and Conversations are provided in each book, among which Words and Expressions and Notes are accompanied with brief English translations or explanations. Each book is composed of about 15 episodes of the TV program with brief introductions and photos of corresponding scenic spots and travel guides. As more episodes of Happy China - Learning Chinese are coming up, more books will be published accordingly.

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