Guizhou Province Yunnan Province

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Guizhou Province
 Guizhou is located in the mountainous plateau. Its relatively secluded geography makes it possible for the primitive cultures of various ethnic groups to remain intact. So, a dazzling array of ethnic cultures and customs is presented in the province.Besides,Guizhou abounds in mineral and water resources.With the development of industry and transport system in the province,this land that has beautiful land scapes and yeteconomically backward will be galvanized into life.
Yunnan Province
 Yunnan's climate ranges from that in the frigid zone, temperate zone, subtropical zone to tropical zone. As a result, Yunnan has rich zoological and botanical resources. High mountains, valleys, snow-capped peaks, glaciers and plateau meadow contribute greatly to enrich the tourism resources of the province. These also contribute to the Yunnan's fast economic development. "The Southern Silk Road",or a ctually ancient caravantrails,wound its way across the province to Southeast Asia and South Asia in ancient times,becoming a major international trade route at the time.

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