Another miss: A small boulder of aromatic smoked bread pudding upstages its main course, roasted Amish chicken ($27). Worse, the meat and pudding are wading in a puddle of, again, oversalted broth.
The European Commission would have preferred nationalcontributions to go directly into the EFSI's coffers becausethat would increase the leverage effect of the fund, which has capital of 21 billion euros.
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The scientists say that the way we use our land, through urban growth and farming activities, also changes the amount of nutrients and sediment that enter our watersheds thus influencing the cynobacterial growth from the algae.
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The report says its performance comparisons by their nature, will show variation. "However, they will not provide the explanation as to why such variation may exist. That is not their purpose. It is important that these measures are understood to be indicators that point to areas that require more detailed analysis and examination."
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Cuba has shown no signs that it is willing to allow wider political rights. The government dismisses dissidents as mercenaries, moves quickly to stifle dissent, and Castro has made clear he does not intend to allow any relaxation of Communist Party rule.
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Producers Stuart Thompson and Sonia Friedman said Monday that Mike Bartlett's "King Charles III," which imagines Prince Charles taking the throne with disastrous results, will open on Broadway this fall starring the West End's star Tim Pigott-Smith.

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