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After meeting with the boy - a Mets fan - at his clinic, Cecchin watched as the boy "fainted." While the boy was "out" Cecchin whispered in his ear that if he woke up, he'd give him a baseball signed by Mr. Met.

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But where Nick Faldo went in 1996, ripping the Green Jacket off the back of Greg Norman in that glorious English afternoon, his protege could not follow. Spieth is no Greg Norman and Rose is no Nick Faldo, at least not on this occasion.

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"While I was at my old school, I actually went through a hard time and tried to commit suicide and I ended up in the hospital," said Shyla Cottier, a sophomore at Pine Ridge High School. "I got bullied, and then I had family troubles and it all just kind of built up to the point of that. My mom went to my counselor, and that really helped me."

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Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh told reporters it was important to talk about young people and "how we can provide them with opportunities and how we can address their grievances so they are not easy prey for recruitment or for the warped ideology of terrorists and extremists."

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The Hawks have earned home-court advantage at least until the NBA Finals, but whether they’ll play like a top seed is another story. They will go without swingman Thabo Sefolosha, a good reserve defender who suffered a broken right fibula and ligament damage last week during an altercation with New York police. Las Vegas oddsmakers still favor the Warriors or the Cavaliers to win the title; the Hawks are a 15-1 long-shot.

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"We are using this as an opportunity to decrease our UKholdings," said Atif Latif, director of trading at GuardianStockbrokers. "(We) see severe downside risk into the Electionfor the UK market ... with the market being again at a new high,we see greater downside risk at this juncture and look to lowerentry levels for UK equity prices."

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Existing recipes are constantly refined, says Bigham, as tastes have changed over the past two decades. “You mustn’t kid yourself that your food is perfect in this business. There’s always a way to make something better.”

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The report also noted that there has been a decrease in the number of unaccompanied minors going missing from the State. In 2008, 22 children went missing, five of whom were found. In 2013, four went missing, two of whom were found. This development is ‘likely to be related to the closure of hostels that were used to accommodate most separated children prior to 2010'.

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ICAP is seeking to shore up earnings hurt by a slump in trading as lenders around the globe scale back their fixed-income, currencies and commodities operations. Under Bridges, Hiscox’s gross written premiums surged to 1.8 billion pounds ($2.6 billion) from 241 million pounds when he joined in 1999.

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"It was bizarre," Cecchin said as he sat in his office overlooking the East River. "People came up to you and wanted you to sign things and I didn't know if I was gonna sign my own name or 'Mr. Met.' And then the hardest thing was...that the head was heavy - it was made out of, like, plaster - and it had just chicken wire over the mouth so you had no ability to look down. All you could see was forward couldn't bend down, because you would fall over."

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So the next time you huff and puff about having to pay your taxes, just think of it as participating in an age-old American tradition, with a deep, rich history. Yeah, I didn't really think that would make it better either.

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“I thought he was better with the fastball but didn’t throw as many strikes with the off-speed stuff," Girardi said. “The next step is to put those things together and we’ll have Tanaka."

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That year 313 of these children registered a level of 15 — high enough that the city immediately inspected their homes and ordered lead abatement. The number dropped to 254 in 2013. City code requires that blood-lead levels above 15 mandate “environmental interventions.”

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“It was nuts, but I just knew I had to get on the stage. I had nothing to lose and I strongly felt that this was absolutely what I was about.” A vocation? “It felt like that, and very quickly I realised that translating the world into comedy was what made sense of my life. Comedy is like religion, it’s a way of coping.”

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This all has the familiar ring of Wilson's "white heat of technology" approach and sitting behind that is the idea that the government - through interventions and setting up new institutions - can shape the economy's outcomes and boost productivity.

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The world's biggest maker of luxury goods said its wines andspirits unit, which includes its flagship Hennessy cognac brand,was penalised by tough trading in China, however, wheredistributors continued to lower their stocks.

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