Evolutionary Illustration of Chinese Characters, English Edition

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Author: Li Leyi; Publishing house: Beijing Language and Cultural University Press
ISBN: 7-5619-0852-0; 1st edition 2000; 2nd Printing in 2005
Language: English only; Size: 5.5X8 inch; PP: 536;  Paperback

Brief Description:
In 1992, the book entitled ‘Tracing the Roots of Chinese Characters: 500 Cases’, was published and was translated into English, French and German in the following years.  This book is a continuation of the former book and anther 500 Characters are selected in this newly published book. To describe simply and visually the evolutionary history of Chinese characters, each character is presented with a vivid picture and a simple explanation.

The philological explanation is based on the generally accepted conclusions of philologists, the conclusions of some schools of thought, and the author/s view as well.  The texts are arranged in the alphabetical order based on the Pin Yin system.  An index of Hanyu Pinyin is provided.

This is the English version of the book designed for English speakers interested in Chinese language and culture.  A wonderful book to understand Chinese for Foreigners.

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