ETERNAL EMPEROR-Emperor Yongle in Ming Dynasty

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In 1404, Emperor Yongle decided to move the capital to Beijing. While building the new capital, he had carried on two major issues with great and historical significance. He called up more than 2000 scholars to compile a set of " Yongle Statue". Meanwhile, Emperor Yongle organized the sailing team, sent Zhen He to the West Ocean for seven times, successively visited about 50 countries and regions, which have become in the ranks of the person who pays tribute in the lump. He made China's maritime trade expand to such countries as the coastal area , the Indian south coastal area and west Asia , east African,etc.. Except Vietnam , Siam ,etc. Hall wood and abansodor in Africa coastal state ever came to China for four times, Bangladeshies for 11 times, the kings of Sumatera and Ceylon are sent to China. These navigation achievements have reflected prosperity and power of this emperor .

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