ETERNAL EMPEROR-Emperor Kangxi in Qing Dynasty

Soundtrack Language: Chinese
Subtitle Language: Chinese and English
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Date on Shelf: 2007-07-14

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Emperor Kang Xi, who made Qing Dynasty enter flourishing period, owns superior intelligence and bold ambition. he is merciful but never irresolute and hesitant. Not only did he take charge of national policy, but also he played an active part in the troop, he completely comfirmed to the standard which reads "Be a sage inside, Be a king outside ". When 16 years old, after trapping to kill the auxiliary minister, who were domineering and unwilling to return to complement policy power, he began to administer the country himself, and succeeded in achieving four military tasks for consolidating his regime. As the supreme ruler, Emperor Kang Xi once went to Han nationality community in the South area 6 times. He made his  regime be stabilized by meeting the livelihoods of people.

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