Essentials of Traditional Chinese Pediatrics, English Edition

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Author:  Cao Jiming; Publisher: Foreign Languages Press
ISBN-10: 7119011863; 1st edition 1990, 3rd printing 2000
Size: 10 x 7.2 x 0.6  inches; 260 pages; Paperback; Language: English

Brief Summary 
Essentials of Traditional Chinese Pediatrics systematically expounds the basic knowledge of traditional Chinese pediatrics, and the differentiation of syndromes and treatment of children's diseases. Chinese herbal medicine is the main method of treatment. In order to enhance the therapeutic effects, acupuncture and Chinese massage therapy are also introduced according to actual conditions.
This book consists of two parts, namely, "Basic Knowledge of Traditional Chinese Pediatrics" and "Treatment of Diseases." There is an appendix in which Chinese massage therapy for children is introduced. An index of the selected recipes and patent medicines is arranged at the end of the book.
Pediatricians of both Chinese and Western medicine, and acupuncture and massage practitioners will find this book a highly useful reference text.

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