English-Chinese Applied Anatomical Atlas of Acupoints

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Author: Yan Zhenguo; ISBN: 7-81010-703-8; 1st Edition in 2003
Publishing house: Shanghai University of TCM Press
Size: 260 x 185mm; 184 Pages; Hardcover with color photographs, Language: English-Chinese

Brief Description:

This atlas accurately and precisely describes the structural features and location of each acupoint, depicts needling techniques, describes indications, explains insertion procedures and describes important surroundings internal organs and structures. It also labels the depth, directions and angles for needling. The application of CT to acupoints, microscopic structure of acupoints, and the receptors in the acupoints are also included. A great reference for acupuncturists, teachers and students of traditional Chinese medicine.

By: Yan Zhenguo      / Feb.2003  

English-Chinese Applied Anatomical Atlas of Acupoints is a large collection of color photographs of the meridians, acupoints and anatomic structure of the human body. The treatment of acupuncture and moxibustion takes effect through needling the acupoints located on the body surface to dredge the meridians and regulate qi and blood. Hence correct location of acupoints and familiarity with their anatomic structure is key to the therapeutic effect of acupuncture and moxibustion.

For years I have been engaged in the study of sectional anatomy of acupoints, stratified anatomy of acupoints, CT scintigram anatomy of acupoints, microstructure of acupoints and stereoscopic structure of acupoints which involves multidisciplinary studies, reflecting the features of integration of modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine as well as theoretic research and clinical practice.

This Atlas is compiled in accordance with the Acupoints Section in the Standardization of Acupoints of the People's Republic of China issued by the State Supervision Administration of Technology in September 1990 and published by the State Standardization Press. I have participated in the study on Acupoints and their Anatomic Structure organized by the State Administrative Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine and rewarded the First Award of Science and Technology Prize of Ministry level.

I have published a number of atlas and many illustrated books. However, photographic color atlas of human model on acupoints and meridians is not only my first trial but also the first trial in the world.

This Atlas has accurately described the structural features and location of acupoints, needling techniques, indication, procedure of insertion and the important internal organs around. It has also lapelled the depth, direction and angle of needling. The application of CT to acupoints, microscopic structure of acupoints, the receptors in the acupoints and the histochemistry of acupoints are also included in the Atlas. All the materials were collected by myself. This Atlas is helpful for acupuncturists, teachers and students in TCM colleges and those who study acupuncture and moxibustion by themselves in and outside China.

About the Author
Yan Zhenguo, a professor of Shanghai University of TCM, instructor for doctoral and postdoctoral candidate, founder of Anatomy of Acupoints, guest researcher of Medical School of Osaka Municipal University, Japan, and compiler-in-chief of Anatomy for TCM colleges. Professor Yan Zhenguo has been granted special subsidy for prominent contribution by the State Council. He has compiled and published over 98 books in and outside China, including academic monographs, textbooks and atlas. Some monographs were published in Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish. He has published over hundred articles in journals. In recent 10 years, he was awarded over 15 times for Scientific and Educational Achievements of the State, Ministry, Municipality and Bureau level, Scientific and Technological progress, and Excellent Scientific and Technologic books.

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