eBook: Tongue Diagnosis, Chinese-English, Traditional Medicine

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Author: Xin Ying et al.; Publishing house: Tianjin Scientific & Technological Translation Press
ISBN: 7-5433-1167-4; 1st Edition in 2001; 2nd Printing in 2002
Language: Chinese English; 212 Pages; Size: 4.5"x7.75"; Paperback; Tongue Photos in Full Color;

Brief Description:
The inspection of the tongue is an objective and convenient way for diseases diagnosis, which has been used for over 2000 years in the traditional Chinese medicine.

It includes 6 parts, such as the tongue's spirit, color, shape, status and coating's color, fur proper. In order to meet the need of TCM students and family health in communities, we use the Chinese-English way and introduce the knowledge on the inspection of the tongue to Chinese and foreign students and friends, beginning from the most vivid and objective colored tongue picture, combining the clinical diagnosis and treatment for diseases.

Table of Contents
Part 1:Basis
Chapter 1:Inspection of the Tongue Spirit
Chapter 2:Inspection of the Tongue Color
Chapter 3:Inspection of the Tongue Shape
Chapter 4:Inspection of the Tongue Status
Chapter 5:Inspection of the Coating Proper
Chapter 6:Inspection of the Coating Color
Part 2:Clinic
Chapter 7:The pale tongue
Chapter 8:The light red tongue
Chapter 9:The red tongue
Chapter 10:The crimson tongue
Chapter 11:The blue and purple tongue
Index of Formulae
The tongue pictures

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