eBook: Surgery of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese-English

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Compiled by Nanjing University of TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine)
Translated & Published by Shanghai University of TCM
ISBN: 7-81010-657-0; 1st Edition 2002; 2nd Printing 2004
Language: Chinese-English315 Pages; Size: 6.75:x9.5”; Paperback

Brief Description
‘A Practical English-Chinese Library of Traditional Chinese Medicine (more info)’ is a 14-volume landmark work presented by the joint efforts from two renowned universities on TCM field in China: Shanghai University of TCM & Nanjing University of TCM. This book is one of the 14-volume set. 

Surgery of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a clinical subject in TCM, including sore and ulcer, acute abdomen, dermal diseases, prostatic diseases, seminal vesicle diseases, anorectal diseases, and peripheral vascular diseases. In the aspects of the etiology, diagnostics and therapeutics, there is a specific theoretical system in Surgery of Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially in therapeutics. In addition to the internal therapies based upon syndrome differentiation, the external therapies have been highly recommended for several thousand years, because of the specific methods and remarkable therapeutic results.

This book consists of two parts: general introduction and specific discussions, totally 12 chapters.  General introduction is a pandect on basic theory and introduces the scope and features of Surgery of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including the contents on methods for syndrome differentiation, differentiation of pathogenic factors and therapeutic methods of the surgical diseases.  Specific discussion is a clinical part and introduces totally 46 types of diseases, including general introduction, diagnostic essentials. Treatment by syndrome differentiation, other therapies, and caution. In other therapies, the specific methods of external application, infusion, ligation, cutting drainage, and cotton pad drainage in Surgery of Traditional Chinese Medicine are introduced emphatically.

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