eBook: Illustrations of Chinese Traditional Exercises in Tuina

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Editor: Jin Hongzhu; Publisher: Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers
ISBN: 7532396827, 9787532396825; 1st edition in 2009; Paperback
Size: 23.8 x 16.8 x 1.2 cm, 164 pages; Language: Chinese-English

Chinese traditional exercises practiced in Tuina have a long history. Even thousnands of years ago, the Chinese nation created the method of " Dao Yin An Qiao" to prevent and cure diseases during the process of physical labor and treatment. "An Qiao", after continuous reformations, it has developed to Tuina therapy and massage, what we are using to treat the diseases now; while "Dao Yin" is just a generation of earliest sprout and embryonic form of various exercises practiced in the ancient time. At that time, the meaning of "Dao Yin", Just as the understanding of Zhuang Zi, a well known philosopher in the periods of Spring-Autumn and Warring States two thousands years ago, was ' .. Breathing in and out, exhaling the dirty air and inhaling the fresh air, and imitating the movements of bear walking and bird flying are the guarantee of longevity.' Thus, it tells us that 'Dao Yin' is a kind of method by moving the body with respiration and imitating the movements of animals to realize longevity. Later, Hua Tuo, a famous doctor at the end of Han dynasty, created the earliest exercise 'Five Animals Game' for strengthening the body condition by taking the reference from the folk. Through imitating the movements and shapes of tiger pouncing, deer stretching, bear walking, monkey jumping and bird flying, he summarized his experience and feeling of practice as '.... moving the body may help digestion of grain, promote blood circulation in the vessels and keep away from the diseases like a door-hinge never worm-eaten.' And such saying provided not only the first practical exercise, but also the powerful theoretic basis for Chinese

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