eBook: Dictionary of Chinese Medicine, Chinese-English

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Author: Nigel Wiseman; ISBN: 7535744532; 2nd edition2006;  Publisher: Hunan Science & Technology Press
Size: 20.3 x 14.1 x 3.3 cm;  805 Pages; Paperback; Language: English & Chinese

Brief Summary 
With the growth of world interest in traditional Chinese medicine and the development of its clinical practice in the West, an urgent need for translation glossaries to support the expanding demand for translation of medical texts.

This books is a revised and expanded edition of Glossary of Chinese Medical Terms and Acupuncture Points which was published in 1990. The new edition contains over 10,000 general terms as well as the names of 1,700 drugs, over 2,000 formulas and 1,500 point names. The Chinese is accessible by Pinyin which is merged with English in a single alphabetical listing. The book thus provides Chinese and Western translators and students with a comprehensive and easy-to-use Chinese-English English-Chinese reference book.

Author's Profile 
Nigel Wiseman is an Englishman who originally studied French, German and Spanish and subsequently developed a partiality for the Chinese language, into which he has poured the greatest enthusiasm. From the study of Chinese, he entered the mysterious hall of Chinese medicine. He has devoted himself to Chinese medical translation for thirteen years and has published a number of Chinese medical textbooks and glossaries in the United States and Taiwan.

Brief Contents 

The Translation of Chinese Medical Terminology

Commonly Used Characters of Chinese Medicine


Part I: English-Chinese Dictionary

Part II: Chinese-English Dictionary 


Pinyin Index

Stroke Index

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