eBook: Concise Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine

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Editor: You Songxin; Publishing House: Jiangsu Science and Technology Publishing House
ISBN: 7-5345-3927-7; 1st Edition in 2004; 2nd Printing in 2004
Language: Chinese-English; 838 Pages; Size: 5.6 X 8; Paperback

Brief Description
The book is to promote exchange between western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

The book consists of two parts. The General Part includes introduction of development of internal medicine of TCM, common diagnostic methods, principles of treatment, and the concept of disease of viscera, six channels, wei, qi, ying and xue and tri-jiao as well as corresponding trerapeutic principles. And there is a brief introduction of nursing methods in TCM. The Respective Part lists 61 common diseases named after terms of TCM plus chapter acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome as a new one. Each disease is named after terms of traditional Chinese medicine, having the corresponding terms of western medicine. Therefore, the book is very convenient for foreign readers.

In this book, Clinical practice has been given close attention. Each disease is elaborated in details by classifying it into several common categories. The book is convenient for beginners because it lists medicinal herbs without RCM formula names, acupuncture prescriptions and commonly used Chinese patent medicines following each disease, so the book can be studied as a clinical manual book with obvious effect. The reader can give treatment according to the syndrome or disease, and give acupuncture or herb medicine by using this book.

Table of Contents
General Part:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Diagnostic Methods
Chapter 3: Therapeutic Principles
Chapter 4: principle of Treatment with Syndrome Differentiation
Chapter 5: Nursing Methods and the Criteria
Special Part:
Chpater 1: Cold
Chapter 2: Cough
Chapter 3: Hemoptysis

Chapter 59: Alcoholism
Chapter 60: Tumors
Chapter 61: Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome (Aids)

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