eBook: Chinese-English Explanation of Jin's 3 - Needle Technique

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Author:Yuan qing et al.; Published by Shanghai scientific & technological literature publishing house

ISBN: 7-5439-2354-8; 1st Edition in 2004; 2nd Printing in 2005

Language: Chinese & English with illustration; Size: 5.5’’x 8’’; 208 Pages; Paperback

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Brief Description
"Jin's 3-needle technique" has been conferred the title of Progressive Curriculum within Chinese Medical Education by the TCM Oversight Board of the Health Ministry. It is also renowned as a flourishing new Cantonese school of acupuncture philosophy inside and outside of China. Due to the advocacy and clinical use of this technique by numerous acupuncture clinicians, the treatment efficacy of these techniques is assured.
This Chinese-English version will facilitate the reading and sturdy or the subject by both Chinese and non-Chinese persons alike.

Table of Contents
1. What is this needling method called "Jin's 3-needle technique"
2. The significance of 3-needles
3. The 3-points around the nose: Yingxiang, Bitong,Yintang
4. The 3-eye points: 1st, 2nd and 3rd eye acupoints
5. The 3-points around the ear
6. The 3-tongue points
7. The 3-points for intelligence
8. The four spirit points
9. The 3-occipital points
10. The 3-points in the temporal area
11. The stabilizing the shen points
12. The points to treat dizziness and headache
13. The 3-points for a facial tic
14. The 3-trigeminal points
15. The 3-points for facial paralysis
16. The 3-Tu prominence points
17. The 3-neck points
18. The 3-back points
19. The 3-shoulder points
20. The 3-arm points
21. The 3-leg points
22. The 3-intellect points on the hand/arm
23. The 3-lumbar points
24. The 3-sciatic points
25. The 3-knee points
26. The 3-ankles points
27. The 3-intellect points on the foot
28. The 3-points to treat wilting
29. The 3-points for the treatment of chloasma
30. The 3-breast points
31. The 3-gastric points
32. The 3-intestinal points
33. The 3-gallbladder points
34. The 3-urinary points
35. The 3-cholesterol points
36. The 3-obesity points
37. The 3-epilepsy points
38. The 3-yin points
39. The 3-yang points
40. The 3-points to treat blockage and desertion (“Tuo”)
41. How to efficiently study and master "jin's 3-needle treatment method"
42. Professor Jin's needle insertion methods

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