eBook: Chinese Therapeutic Methods of Acupoints, Chinese-English

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Author: Li Shaozhi, Tan Xiaohon; Publishing house: Hunan Science & Technology Press 
ISBN:7-5357-4471-0; 1st edition in 1998, 2nd edition 2006; 2nd printing in 2006
Language: Chinese-English with illustrations; Size: 5.5"x8"; PP: 628; Paperback

Brief Description:
The book has been welcomed by readers of all over the world since its first publication in 1998. This listing is the 2006 2nd edition. This was also the textbook used by the author in US.

The book is divided into three chapters, each with numerous sections and featured with easy to understand illustrations. The first chapter introduces more than 400 commonly used acupoints including their locations, indications, and methods of needling; the second chapter introduces more than 20 commonly used effective therapeutic methods.  The last chapter presents methods for the effective treatment of more than 100 common diseases.

This book is written in Chinese with English translation and lays emphasis on clinical practice.  It is easy to be understood as it comes with many illustrations. Ideal for overseas amateurs of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Table of Content
Chapter One: The channels, Collaterals and Acupoints
1.     The lung channel of hand-taiyin and commonly used acupoints
2.     The large intestine channel of hand-yangming and commonly used acupoints
3.     The stomach channel of foot-yangming and commonly used acupoints
4.     The spleen channel of foot-taiyin and commonly used acupoints
5.     The heart channel of hand-shaoyinn and commonly used acupoints
6.     The small intestine channel of hand-taiyang and commonly used acupoints
7.     The bladder channel of foot-taiyang and commonly used acupoints
8.     The kidney channel of foot-shaoyin and commonly used acupoints
9.     The pericardium channel of hand-jueyin and commonly used acupoints
10.   The sanjiao (triple warmer) channel of hand-shaoyang and commonly used acupoints
11.   The gallbladder channel of foot-shaoyang and commonly used acupoints
12.   The liver channel of foot-jueyin and commonly used acupoints
13.   The due channel and commonly used acupoints
14.   The ren channel and commonly used acupoints
15.   Extraordinary points
16.   Methods of locating acupoints
Chapter Two: The Techniques of Point Treatment
1.     Acupuncture with the filiform needle
2.     Moxibustion
3.     Cupping therapy
4.     The three-edged needle
5.     Acupuncture with the skin needle
6.     Acupuncture with the intradermal needle
7.     Acupuncture with the hot needle
8.     Electro acupuncture
9.     Hydro-acupuncture
10.   Ear acupuncture therapy
11.   Other Auricular therapeutic methods
12.   Scalp acupuncture
13.   Eye acupuncture
14.   Wrist-ankle acupuncture
15.   Bristle acupuncture
16.   Acupressure
17.   Digital point pressure therapy
18.   Massage of foot accupoint
19.   Massage of hand acupoints
20.   Guasha therapy
21.   Stick-striking therapy of acupoints
22.   Magnetization of acupoinnts
23.   Pestle acupuncture
24.   Bee sting therapy
Chapter Three Treatment of Common Diseases
1.     Internal diseases
2.     Surgical and dermatological disease
3.     Gynecological diseases
4.     Pediatric diseases
5.     Diseases of eyes, ears, nose and throat
Appendix Bibliography

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