eBook: Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Compiled by Nanjing University of TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine)
Translated & Published by
Shanghai University of TCM
ISBN: 7-81010-680-5; 1st Edition 2002; 4th Printing 2006
Language: Chinese-English; 238 Pages; Size: 6.75:x9.5”; Paperback

Brief Description
'A Practical English-Chinese Library of Traditional Chinese Medicine (more info)' is a 14-volume landmark work presented by the joint efforts from two renowned universities on TCM field in China: Shanghai University of TCM & Nanjing University of TCM. This book is one of the 14-volume set.

Table of Content
1.        Yin-yang and the five elements
2.        Zangxiang (viscera and their manifestations)
3.        Qi, blood and body fluid
4.        The meridians and collaterals
5.        Causes of disease
6.        Pathogenesis
7.        Prevention and therapeutic principles

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