eBook: Acupuncture Treatment for Depression, Chinese Medicine

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Author:Xu jinshui ; Publisher: Shanghai Scientific & Technological Press
ISBN-10: 7532390755; ISBN-13: 978-7532390755; 1st edition 2007
Size: 20.5 x 14 x 1.5 cm; 235 pages; Paperback; Language: Chinese-English

This book covers the definition, etiology, pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of depression as well as some main diagnostic points and differential diagnosis from both the angle of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and that of Western medicine. It also analyzes the TCM pattern identification of depression, summarizes the progress that has been made over the last few decades through researching the way acupuncture works in the treatment of this condition. It also gives some clinical applications of acupuncture treatments and puts forward specific acupuncture methods to treat depression based on TCM pattern identification and treatment. Lastly, it lists the commonly used acupuncture points related to this condition and gives some examples of typical clinical cases.

Part 1 Basic Knowledge

Chapter 1 Depression: Introduction

Section 1 Definition

Section 2 Epidemiology

Chapter 2 Clinical Manifestations and Diagnostic Main Points

Section 1 Clinical Manifestation

Section 2 Diagnostic Main Points

Section 3 Commonly Used Methods of Examination

Chapter 3 Differential Diagnosis

Section 1 Dementia

Section 2 Schizophrenia

Section 3 Neurasthenia

Section 4 Extensive Anxiety Disorders

Chapter 4 Etiology and Pathogenesis

Section 1 Biological Factors

Section 2 Psychological Factors

Section 3 Social Factors

Chapter 5 TCM Understanding of Depression

Section 1 Etiology and Pathogenesis

Section 2 Pattern Identification of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Section 3 Pattern Identification of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Part 2 Acupuncture Treatment and Typical Cases

Chapter 1 Acupuncture Treatment

Section 1 Treating Depression with Acupuncture

Section 2 Progress Made in Research on the Mechanism of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Depression

Section 3 Pattern Identification and Treatment

Section 4 Other Acupuncture Treatment

Section 5 Frequently Used Acupuncture Points

Section 6 Points Requiring Attention

Chapter 2 Typical Cases

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