Diagrams of Acupuncture Manipulations, Chinese - English

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Author: Liu Yan; Publishing house: Shanghai Science and Technology Press
ISBN: 7-5323-518-0; 1st edition in 2003, 2nd printing in 2004
Language: Chinese-English with illustrations; 164 Pages; Size: 7.75"x10.5"; Hardcover

Brief Description:
This book, a first Chinese-English book on the manipulations of needles, is divided into six chapters:
Chapter 1, Essentials of Acupuncture, introduces the general knowledge of holding the needle, obtaining acuesthesia and withdrawing the needle.
Chapter 2, Needling Techniques of the Filiform Needle, the core of this book, introduces over 10 kinds of supplementary techniques used before and after needling, over 20 kinds of supplementary needling techniques, about 20 kinds of complex needling techniques and other needling techniques.
Chapter 3, Needling Techniques in Neijing, mainly introduces Nine Needling Techniques, Twelve Needling Techniques, Five Needling Techniques, Three Needling Techniques, Qi Directing etc.
Chapter 4, Penetrated Needling introduces about 30 kinds of special penetrated needling techniques.
Chapter 5, Artistic Needling, introduces 23 kinds of artistic needling techniques effective in clinical use.
Chapter 6, Special Needling Techniques, introduces 11 kinds of special needling techniques.
The book is rich in content, demonstrating the importance and necessity of the needling techniques. It is undoubtedly helpful for readers both at home and abroad.

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