Cultural China-The Ciyun Temple The Fengxue Temple

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Subtitle Language: Chinese and English
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Date on Shelf: 2007-07-14
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The Fengxue temple was built in the north Wei Dynasty, it is colated in the Henan Gongyi, that collected the architecture during the temple for one whole structure with Tan, Song, Kin, Yuan, Ming and Qing, which gloriously got the address of China ancient architecture museum. On history, the Fengxue temple is famous very much and addressed the four big famous temple in order with the white horse temple, the shaolin temple and the xiangguo temple. That artchitecture style aound mountain and set pagoda fall in palace in the Buddhism temple of Chia north. are unparalleled The Ciyun temple was built in e the han Dynasty which is the first jungle of Henan Gongyi and has the praise address first temple of China folks.the Ciyun temple has experienced dark blue or blossom or stagnancy in the past and lasting till now always, it was gone through the two thousands more journey and become the ancient temple of making people lingering for.

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