Concise Tuina Therapy, 1st edition in 1993

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Editor: Luan Changye; Publisher: Shandong Science & Technology Press, China  
ISBN: 9787533110604; 1st edition in 1993; Paperback
Size: 14.5x 20.5 cm, 204 pages; Language: English

Product Description
Tuina, also known as Chinese massage, is one of the traditional Chinese medical therapies. It has been well accepted by the general population for its low cost, simple application, easy mastery, good curative effects and safety, as well as its use in the treatment of some difficult and complicated illnesses. The author has conscientiously summarized and organized his clinical experience of over thirty years in tuina practice to compile this book Concise Tuina Therapy.

This book consists of six parts.

Part one introduces briefly the elementary knowledge of tuina therapy.
Part two and three describe various tuina maneuvers and their functions, principles of tuina practice and matters require attention.

Part four covers the tuina routine manipulations of all parts of the body.
Part five and six expound in detail tuina therapy for more than forty common diseases, the fundamental maneuvers of infantile tuina therapy, and the tuina therapy for more then ten common pediatric diseases.

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