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Taishun Sanbeixiang Fragrant Tea
The taishun County in Zhejiang Province,the home of tea,is famous for its Sanbeixiang Fragrant Tea.
taishun has a long history of tea production and flourished in Ming Dynasty.Now Sanbeixiang Fragrant Tea has become a special tea in the National People's Congress,and is sold in Africa.It's especially favored by the morocco royal families.
Huizhou Wuliqing Tea
Two hundred years ago,Sweden "Gothenburg"struck against the rocks and sank,and among the goods sunk was the Chinese Wuliqing tea.What made Wuliqing so charming that the aristocracy in European palace treasured it so much...
Afters the middle of the Ming Dynasty,ancient Huizhou,the manufacturing location of Wuliqing Tea,became the center of Chinese tea culture However,because of years of war,the techniques of processing Wuliqing Tea were lost after the period of Republic of China.So how did the techniques of processing Wuliqing Tea recover?
Chun'an Qiandao Yuye Tea
Chun'an is one of the oldest tea production areas in China.In Tang Dynasty,Chun'an tea was the "the well-known Heyuan production".
Chun'an Qiandao Lake,surrounded by mountains and bundant in rainfall,is suitable for the tea's growing.High quality water,beautiful scenery and clean air create the fragrant tea Qiandao Yuye.
Suichang Longgu Beauty Tea
"Longgu Beauty Tea"is featured by its unique form,color and flavor.Brewed up in the cup,the tender shoot stands up straight gracefully,like a pretty dancer,so it is called Longgu Beauty Tea.Taking part in the contest of international tea for the first got the golden prize.From then on,it has a good reputation internationally.
Hean Xinyang Maojian Tea
Xinyang's history of producing tea can date back to the middle and late period of the Warring States.It flourished in Tang and Song dynasties,but declined in Yuan,Ming and Qing dynasties because of social reasons.At the beginning of the period of the Republic of China,Xinyang tea participated in the World Exposition held in Panama and won the golden prize.From then on ,it enjoys a good reputation in the world.
The rise and decline of tea can reflect the change of society and personnel,concurrently accompanied by renovation and tradition.

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