Chinese-Er Suffixed Words without Tears,Beijing University Press

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Author:  Han Jiekuang; Publishing house: Beijing University Press; ISBN: 7-301-05748-2  
1st edition in 2002;  1st printing in 2002; PP: 251 pages;  Size: 5.5''x8''; Paperback
Language: English translation covering most part

Brief Description:
This book is written for foreign students who have learned some Chinese and are keen on the words with the retroflexion ending "r".
The book is structured with Preface, style of this book, phonetic order, content, exercises and answers, comparisons between pairs of words with "r" or without "r" and a table of the changes of "r".
There are about 268 single syllable words and 1928 phrases in this book.
This book is arranged with the order of the Chinese pinyin.  All the words in the book are explained both in Chinese and English. The entire example sentences in the book are accompanied by pinyin and English translation.

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