Chinese-English Illustrated Tuina Therapies for Common Diseases

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Compiler-in-Chief: Jin Hongzhu; All authors are from Nanjing University of TCM
Publishing house: Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers
ISBN: 7-5323-8634-1; 1st Edition in 2006; 1st Printing in 2006
Language: Chinese-English; 203 Pages; Size: 7.75"x10.55"; Hardcover;

Brief Description

This book stresses on how to treat commonly seen diseases with Tuina therapy.  In order to make the study easier and more convenient, many pictures and illustrations are used to explain the contents.  In addition, the book also discusses many practical Tuina manipulations including the manipulations used in pediatric Tuina therapy, as well as the diagnosis and treatment procedures for those common diseases. The book is expounded in four chapters:

The first chapter introduces more than 30 frequently used manipulations including single and compound manipulations as well as manipulations used in pediatric Tuina therapy. A detail and concrete explanation on the essentials of Tuina manipulations, procedures of practice and precautions during practice is given.

The second chapter discusses the close relations between Tuina therapy and the theory of meridians, collaterals and acupoints. It generalizes the knowledge of meridians and collaterals and the acupoints of ten used in Tuina clinic.

The third chapter, in a brief way but to the point, illustrates the clinical manifestations, diagnosis and Tuina treatments of about 50 diseases, adults and Children.

The fourth chapter, in the form of 12 series of movements, introduces the self-health-Tuina exercise. It further brings the feature of Tuina therapy in preventing diseases into bold relief.

The book is suitable for those readers who are Tuina doctors, the faculty and students of the universities of TCM, Tunina therapy fans, overseas Tuina practitioners and international students.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Manipulations in Tuina Therapy

Section 1       Essentials of Manipulations
Section 2       Approach of Manipulation Practice
Section 3       Precautions in the Training of Manipulations
Section 4       Contraindications of Tuina therapy
Section 5       The Media Substances used in Tuina therapy
Section 6       Commonly Used Tuina Manipulations
Chapter 2 Commonly Used Meridians, Collaterals and Acupoints in Tuina Therapy
Section 1       Meridians
Section 2       Muscle regions, divergent meridians and cutaneous regions
Section 3       Acupoints and Specific acupoints
Chapter 3 Tuina treatment for frequently-seen disorders
Section 1       Treatment of frequently-seen disorders in adults
Section 2       Tuina treatment for commonly seen infantile diseases
Chapter 4 Self-healthcare Tuina Therapy
Section 1       Stabilizing kidney and benefiting essence method
Section 2       Strengthening spleen and benefiting stomach method
Section 3       Soothing liver and benefiting gallbladder method
Section 4       Dispersing lung and benefiting qi method
Section 5       Soothing heart and calming mind method
Section 6       Sedating mind and benefiting sleep
Section 7       Allaying fatigue method
Section 8       Exciting method
Section 9       Regulating Yin-yang method
Section 10     Warming and Moistening hair method
Section 11     Strengthening hearing by opening orifice method
Section 12     Removing obstruction from nose method

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