Chinese-English Illustrated Acupoints Manual

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Editor: Shou shuijin,   ISBN: 978-7-5439-3542-6; 1st edition in 2008; 1st printing in 2008;
Publishing house: Shanghai Science and Technology Publishing House
Size: 4.0X5.4 inches, Pages; 291, Paperback;  Language: Chinese-English

Brief Description
This manual is divided into two parts. The first part consists of acupoints of the fourteen meridians, introducing 361 acupoints of the whole body briefly and concisely, meridian by meridian, point by point, according to the order of flowing of qi and blood of the fourteen meridians. The second part covers extraordinary acupoints, involving 48 standard extraordinary acupoints set by World Health Organization (WHO), according to body parts. The contents of acupoints mainly include localization, mnemonic points, and illustrations and international code name of acupoints. 

The book is characterized Chinese English version, text with rich illustrations, concise and all-round contents, and easy to see focuses as well as mnemonic points compiled according to the distribution of acupoints and thus it is helpful for learning, grasping and memory. So it is an essential book for studying and memorizing acupoints.

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