CHINESE SCENERY-Mount Heng Jiuzhaigou Mount Lu

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Mount Heng
Mount Heng is located in the area of Shanxi province. It is credited to be the King of all the mountains in the north for its loftiness and majesty. The mountain's outline and relief make it stand out remarkably among any other mountains. Those natural landscape such as "sunset cliff", Mount Heng pine trees and the Suspending Temple are acclaimed as the peak of perfection.
Jiuzhaigou is located in Ah Bai autonomous region of a Qiang minority, Sichuang Province. It is a marvelous valley where over one hundred colorful lakes of different sizes are scattered. The natives call them "Haizi", meaning the sons of sea. Among the dense primeval forests and colorful lakes, there lie nine fenced villages for which Jiuzhaigou is taken its name. Lakes, waterfalls, forests, colorful ponds, and more are fascinating spots.
mount Lu
Walking along Yangtse River, we will approach a well-known Chinese mountMount Lu. Su Dongpo, an eminent writer in Northern Song Dynasty, ever wrote a famous poem which cast a mysterious mask upon the mount. In this documentary, the natural landscapes of the waterfalls, villas and the unusual phenomenon of six religions co-existing on the same mount are described in detail.

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