Chinese Qigong Illustrated, English, China Gong Fu Book

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Author: Yu Gongbao; Publisher: New World Press,China
ISBN: 7800052478; 1st Edition 1995;  Hardcover
Size: 8.8 x 6.1 x 0.8 inches; 155 pages; Language: English Edition
This copy is new but stock worn (printed in 1995 and rarely found today)

With a history of several thousand years in China, Qigong is regarded as a way to cultivate character and prolong life, and is therefore closely linked with the appearance and development of Chinese civilization. Replenished and perfected over the years, Qigong has developed into a health-keeping art containing a complete set of exercises and principles. It is not only explained in language but also described with illustration. And those pictures, simple but vivid, as seen in classic books on Qigong, give expression to its principles, exercises and skills. The pictures in this book are selected from some monumental books on Qigong and captioned in simple yet exact words. Readers, especially those who are keen on Qigong study and practice, may use them for their reference.




Hetu and Luoshu

Taiji Diagram


Spatial Outlay of Bagua

Round Diagram of the Sixty-four Hexagrams

Linear Diagram of the Sixty-four hexagrams



Clearness and Turbidness, Dong and Jing (Stillness)

Nourishing the Mind

Concentrating on zuqiao

Bringing the Three Parts Together



The Union if Qian and Kun

Neiyao and Waiyao

Timetable for Qigong Practice


Xianglong and Fahu

Rotation of Falun

Zhixie Tianji (Analysis of Natural Law)

Twenty-four Solar Terms

Ten Chan Pictures

Diagrams of Jingluo and Acupoint


Clouds Setting Off Rainbow

Rubbing the Gate of Jing with Palms

Relaxing Feet Through Heels

Soothing Chest Depression by Regulating Qi

Seated on a Mat and floating on Water

Rubbing Dantian and Regulating Qi

Pacing Hands at Abdomen and " Holding Up the Moon"

Twisting Tianzhu and Getting Qi to Flow

Rubbing Face and Getting It Beautiful

Angling by the Lake

The Dragon Flying and the Tiger Running

Lao Zi Banishing the Wind

Rubbing Clouds and Relaxing Sleeves

Water Flowing on a High Mountain

Rubbing the Nape of Neck

Beating the Drums and plucking the Zither

Sitting in Silence

Flicking the Nape of Neck and Ears Echoing with Sound

Han Xiangzi Using Qi

Turning the Windlass

Pushing Against Restraint

Fishing Frolicking in the North Sea

Lying on White Snow and Keeping Body Relaxed

Flowers Glittering in Hair

Liu Hai Teasing Frog

Cleansing the Mind in Fresh Breeze

Adjusting the Flow of Blood and Qi

The Black Dragon Wagging Its Tail


Paying Respect to Void with the Mind Still

Singing Songs and Getting Qi and Blood to Flow

Plucking Flowers and Getting Qi to Flow

Looking Up at Heaven and Down at Earth

Taking a Glance at Flowers on Horseback


Exercises to Be done in the Lunar Year


Sitting Exercise

Standing Exercise

Walking Exercise

Lying Exercise

Taoist Exercise

Buddhist Exercise

Therapeutic Exercise

Confucianist Exercise

Wushu-Qigong Exercise

Static Exercise

Dynamic Exercise

Basic Requirements For Practice


Jing (Stillness)









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