Chinese Multi-Reading Characters without Tears, Learn Mandarin

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Author: Zhu Peiru;  Publishing House: Beijing University Press;
ISBN: 7-301-05-745-8;
First Edition:  2002;   Second Printing:  2004;  
Medium language: English translation throughout;  PP:412 pages; 5.5 X8 inch;Paperback

Brief Description:
"Duo Yin Zi", characters of multiple pronunciations, has been a barrier in Chinese learning for foreigners for a long time . The book helps to learn Duo Yin Zi systematically at one time.
This book is a supplementary textbook for Chinese language learning as well as a brief reference book. It is good for foreign students.
This book contains two parts, with the first part 126 characters and the second 81 characters. These characters are practical and are classified according to The Outline of HSK.  The 1st part contains commonly used characters while the 2nd part includes less used and rare ones.  For covenience, each characters's different pronunciations are listed one after another. Under each pronunciation, the meanings and the usage can be seen.  They include phrases, examples, pinyin and Engllish translation. An exercise is arranged after each character. The 2nd part of this book only has phrases, pinyin and English translation.

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