Chinese Measure Words without Tears, Beijing University Press

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Author:††Zhu Peiru; Publishing house:†BeijingUniversity Press
ISBN:7-301-05-4747034-4;† First edition in 2002;† 2nd printing in 2004
Language:Simplified Chinese with English Translation; PP: 198†pages;† Size: 5.5''x8''; Paperback

Brief Description:
187 measure words (Liang Ci) are collected in this book.The main content of this book includes various meanings of each measure word, phrases under each word, example sentences and comparisons between similar measure words.

Pinyin and English translation are added to each phrase and example sentence.The meaning of measure word is also translated into English.

A collocation table of measure words and their nouns is provided in the appendix; so are the official weight and measure standard in China (in the metric system).

A foreign student is usually scared by the large number of measure words in Chinese as they donít find so many in their native language.This book is quite handy in that it offers a systematic and comprehensive help when comes to deal with Chinese measure words and their usages.

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