Chinese Family Acupoint Massage, English Edition

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Author: Wang Chuangui; Publishing House: Foreign Languages Press
ISBN: 7-119-01439-0;1st Edition in 1992; 2nd Printing in 1994
Language: English only; 232 Pages; Size: 7.50"x10.20"; Paperback

Brief Description
Acupoint massage is a health maintenance method developed by the Chinese and Chinese medical doctors in their centuries-long struggle against disease. It is based upon the traditional theories of qi, blood, visceral organs, meridians and collaterals, and is characterized by pressing and rubbing on meridians, acupoints, muscles and skin areas with different parts of the palms and fingers and varying degrees of force. It includes pushing and stroking the meridians, digital and palmar pressing on the acupoints, kneading and grasping the muscles, and rubbing the skin. Acupoint massage is so called because the massage is chiefly applied to acupuncture points and meridians.

This well-illustrated massage book provides quick cures and permanent and temporary relief for more than fifty common ailments, including headaches, bronchial asthma, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, constipation, impotence, menstrual disorders, menopausal syndrome, infantile indigestion, stiff necks, acute lumbar sprain, and leg cramps. It also offers tips on how to improve the constitution, prevent diseases, and guarantee longevity.

Acupoint massage can be performed by patients or their family members. It is safe and simple, causes no inconvenience or pain, and can be applied to patients at any age.

Table of Content
Chapter One: Introduction
What is acupoint massage?
Origin and development of acupoint massage
Theory and action of acupoint massage
Main divisions of the body surface
Directions for acupoint massage: Requirements - Medium substances Contraindications
Chapter Two: Meridians, Collaterals and Acupoints
Meridians and collaterals
Paths of the superficial portions of the fourteen meridians and the acupoints commonly used
Location of acupoints
Chapter Three: Manipulation
Pressing, Stroking, Kneading, Pushing, Grasping, Pinching, Rubbing, Kneading-Pinching, Point-Pressing, Tapping
Chapter Four: Treatment of Common Diseases
Internal diseases: Common cold - Headache - Bronchial asthma - Hypertension - Angina pectoris Gastroptosis - Diabetes mellitus - Hiccups - Gastointestinal neurosis - Constipation - Hemiplegia - Leukopenia - Neurasthenia - Insomnia - Hysteria - Biliary colic -Facial paralysis - Raynaud's disease - Prostatitis - Retention of urine - Impotence - Seminal emission - Premature ejaculation
Gynecological disease: Chronic pelvic inflammation - Menstrual disorders - Dysmenorrhea - Menopausal syndrome - Amenorrhea - Excessive leukorrhea
Pediatric diseases: Bronchitis in children - Infantile indigestion - Enuresis in children - Sequelae of infantile paralysis - Infantile malnutrition - Night crying of babies - Vomiting in children Myopia in teenager
Orthopedic diseases: Stiff necks - Cervical spondylosis - Periarthritis of the shoulder - External humeral epicondylitis - Thecal cyst on the dorsum of the wrist - Stenosing tenovaginitis at the styloid process of the radius - Acute lumbar sprain - Prolapse of the lumbar intervertebral disc - Systremma - Spain of the ankle - Pain in the heel
Others: Toothaches - Dysfunction of temporomandibular joint - Tinnitus with impaired hearing - Acupoint massage for preventing diseases and guaranteeing longevity - Acupoint massage for preserving hearing and vision

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