Chinese - English Terminology of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Author: Chen Dashun et al. Publishing house: Hunan Science & Technology Press
ISBN: 7-5357-4539-3; 2nd edition in 2006, 2nd printing in 2006
Language: Chinese-English; 475 Pages; Size: 5.5"x8"; Paperback
Book Description:

The dictionary has been reprinted several times since the first edition was published in 1980s, and well received by readers at home and abroad.
On the basis of the preservation of the feature of RCM, compilers strive to use accurate, concise and understandable Chinese-English translation to explain TCM terms.
Each entry comes with Pinyin notation first, and then the meaning of the entry is explained in both Chinese and English languages.
The entries are arranged according to 13 TCM subjects. An index for the strokes of Chinese-character is provided in the end of the book.

Table of Contents:
1.   Yin and Yang, and the five elements
2.   Channels and their collateral channels and acupuncture points
3.    Etiology and pathology
4.    Techniques of diagnosis
5.    The general rules of treatment
6.    The Chinese medical formulary
7.    Acupuncture and moxibustion
8.    Internal medicine and pediatrics
9.    Gynecology and obstetrics
10.   Surgery and traumatology
11.   The five sensory organs
12.   The history of traditional Chinese medicine
Index for the strokes of Chinese characters

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