Chinese Characters in Pictures: Learn MANDARIN Characters

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Author: Wang Chun; Publishing house: Sinolingua
: Volume 1: 7-80200-101-3; Volume 2: 7-80200-102-1; 1st edition in 2005; 1st printing in 2005
Language: English, Chinese with Pinyin notation;
PP: Vol. 1: 203; PP: Vol.2: 205; Size: 210 X 285mm (both); Paperback
Brief Description:
Most Foreigners believe that the characters that make up the Chinese language are difficult to read or write.  Yet, the interesting thing about Chinese characters is that their structure and form is closely related to their meaning.  Once you get to know the secrets of Chinese characters, you will find them both easy and interesting. 
Two volumes, ‘Chinese Characters in Pictures’, use words to explain and pictures to illustrate the form and structure of Chinese characters. Therefore, it is both a collection of poetry and a picture album.
This material is written for non-Chinese intending to explore the secrets of the civilization.  It is somewhat like a guidebook, listing nearly 200 cultural sites.  Like the looking glass in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the characters depicted in this book will take the reader into the kaleidoscopic world of very unique Chinese culture. 
In the two volumes of ‘Chinese Characters in Pictures’, about 200 commonly used Chinese characters are introduced and explained in terms of their structure and the way it symbolizes their meaning. To assist readers, the books include the stroke order used to write characters, radicals by which characters are arranged in Chinese dictionaries, and everyday words and phrases formed with the characters. 

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