Chinese Ancient Health preservation Bible (II)

Starring: Yan Jun
Soundtrack Language: Chinese
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Date on Shelf: 2010-04-28
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In the five-thousand-year history of China, many marvelous doctors came out, Shennong tasted numerous herbs, Huangdi asked Cangqiong, Bianque had the wonder of resuscitation, Zhongjing created a marvelous prescription, Huatuo created a body-building method by Five-animal play ( imitating the gestures of five animals), Shizhen wrote Outline of Herb Medicine. To master the marvelous life-preserving skills of Chinese medicine, please look at Five Cures.   1.        The human being will have a malfunctioning heart at 50 years old.   Emperor Qin is hot-tempered and has bulging blood vessel. When the disease in not curable, it is hard to cure the heart. Emperor Hanwu often dreams of the immortal.  Emperor Ming dreams of the Buddha and his heart blood is pacified.   2.       Zhongjing talks about longevity in the hall   Constipation prevention in the book of To Live.   Medicine holy models in curing diarrhea.             The feeble and the sick learn Chinese medicine. Predict falling eyebrows and discuss about the deficiency of kidney            3.        Prescription progenitor cures insomnia.  Make pills of immortality and adjust breath to pacify blood pressure. Drink HuatuoĉŠ?anesthetic before taking encephalic tumour out.   Rub bones and expel toxin to cure carbuncle Five-animal play to cure physique and rheumatism.   4.       Chinese medicine to cure the prostatic gland  Chinese medicine famous for curing cough.   Taoist doctor Ge Hong produces climacteric-syndrome-relieving tablet        Curing stroke in the Handbook of Prescription for Emergency   Hongjing keeps kidney strong at 80 years old.             5.        Save anaemia sufferers and increase their essence and energy Dharma prevents osteoporosis by Zen Buddhism Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty travelling around has a sick brain   Sun Simiao cures insomnia  Overcome the tracheitis   6.       Cure carbuncle toxin in the Valuable Prescription for                   Emergencies    Draw a thread to diagnose the impulse to judge the female disease  Empress Wu prevents against stroke in the prime time Eye-blinded Jianzhen sets off to Japan  Qi and blood circulation in Lingshu back to homeland            7.      Dream Pool Essays talks about Sangjiaozi whistle Danxi cures diarrhea miraculously Food cures gastric diseases in DongtanĉŠ?book  Genghis Khan has a good kidney  First curing pulmonary disease in Outline of Herb Medicine.   8.      It is a headache to Li Shizhen failed in the imperial examination Formula of losing weight can be found in Outline of Herb Medicine. Prostate comes after Jesus is spread to China Jing Yue reads Book of Changes before discussing about oral cavity  Emperor Qianlong has a formula of longevity            9.Empress Cixi fond of good looks knows well about beauty maintenance
Five cures expelling toxin treat various diseases Ye Tianshi diagnoses diabetes for a scholar Discusses about flu in The Treatise on Differentiation and

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