Chinese Acrobatics-Section 7

Soundtrack Language: Chinese
Subtitle Language: Chinese and English
Medium: 1 DVD
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Date on Shelf: 2007-10-18
ISRC: CN-F28-05-0032-0/V.J9

Item Descriptions:
Golden Lion Prize for the national acrobatics competition which is held every four years is called  OSCAR  of the acrobatic world and it represents the highest standard of Chinese acrobatics. The modern Chinese acrobatics has the characteristics of beauty, new and difficulty with fashionable package , mysterious performances and difficult techniques. This year's Golden Lion Prize  national acrobatics competition will be held in Guangzhou where over 1000 actors from 40acrobatic troupes will give performances of the highest standard in China of four acrobatic categories which include high altitude, ground, comics and magic.

1. Pring Bed and Climbing a Pole   by Henan Acrobatic Troupe 2.Combination of Strengths   by Liaoning Jin zhou Acrobatic Troupe 3.Flying in the Sky     by Shanghai Circus School 4.Formation----We're Together   by Chengdu Juqu Flag Acrobatic Troupe 5.The Soul of the King's Sword----Springboard and Waving Bridge   by Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe       6. Silk Loop and Heading Techniques   by Shenyang Juqu Marching Acrobatic Troupe7. Scientific Lights----Shaking Circles   by Shenzhen Fuyong Acrobatic Troupe and Shenzheng Bao'an Acrobatic Troupe

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