Chen-style Taiji Quan Routine I

Starring: Zhang Jianping
Soundtrack Language: Chinese
Subtitle Language: Chinese and English
Medium: 5 DVD
Publish Press:
Date on Shelf: 2010-07-03
ISRC: CN-M23-10-300-00/V.G8

Item Descriptions:
The routine I Quan, handed down by Mr.Chen Fake, is traditional. It consists of 83 postures and fully retains its original characteristics and hitting style. Taiji refers to Qi, following Yin and Yang, getting harmonious with nature. It is mainly about forming postures, most of which are soft, but with a hidden force. It characterizes hard aids soft, visible and invisible, move implies still. When practice, we should present the special energy and miraculous feelings. The energy is like coiling silk to shuttle, round outwards and square inwards, and loosening flexible and springing shaking, at the same time willpower keeps increasing without force, furthermore, spirit get through when willpower fades. All posture in the routine I are original, many of which rarely appear now. They are unique in style and good for life preservation. It is a good reference for many Taiqi Quan lovers and researchers.

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