Chen-style Spring and Autumn Falchion

Starring: Chen Yongfu
Soundtrack Language: Chinese
Subtitle Language: Chinese and English
Medium: 2 DVD
Publish Press:
Date on Shelf: 2007-07-14
ISRC: CN-M23-03-0040-2/V.G8

Item Descriptions:
Chen-style Spring and Autumn Falchion is also called the Black Dragon Lower Moon Falchion, which is one of the long weapons of Chen-style Taiji weapons routine. Its distribution is rational and its skills are clear, and it can gain advantage from both sides. When practicing, you must have the good basic of Taijiquan, and it is more important to have the power of waist, legs and arms. The falchion is a long and heavy weapon, so you want to use it freely, and you must have the full energy and force of waist and arms. Its skills include cutting, hacking, pushing, chopping, turning, rolling, twining and pressing, so it is one kind of powerful antipersonnel weapon and it is praised as "the Commander of Weapons".

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