Cards of 800 Chinese Characters & MP3 Disc, Learn MANDARIN

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Editor: Wang Guo Hua; Publishing house: Sinolingua;
ISBN: 7802000947; Language: Chinese & English

Brief Description:
The sets of cards include 800 most commonly used Chinese characters. Each character is accompanied by pinyin, illustrations, two or more words, and one sentence (mostly in the fields of daily life, study, entertainment, work, travel, and business), covering a vocabulary of 3000.
Apart from 100 characters in each set, it also introduces some knowledge about pinyin, writing of Chinese characters, Chinese numerals, measurements, proverbs, idioms, two part allegorical expressions, and Tang poems.
The cards take the form of international standard poker. It is easy to carry and use. One can have fun while studying.   
Contents of 8 Packs of Cards:
100 Characters + Pinyin
100 Characters + Writing Chinese Characters
100 Characters + Chinese Numerals
100 Characters + Measurements
100 Characters + Proverbs
100 Characters + Idioms
100 Characters + Two-Part Allegorical Expressions
100 Characters + Tang Dynasty Poems

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