Cancer Treatment with Fu Zheng Pei Ben Principle, English Edition, Chinese Medicine

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Author: Pan Mingji; Publishing House: Fujian Science and Technology Publishing House
ISBN: 7533505816; 1st edition in 1992
Language: English; 467 Pages; Size: 185x260mm; Hardcover

Brief Description
The contents of the book are divided into two parts: introductory views and various descriptions. In the first part, mainly it described the principles in cancerous treatment on the theory of reinforcing the body resistance and fertilizing life function with the Chinese Traditional Medicance, as well as Western Medicine, their clinical effective experiences, recent achievements and advances. In the second part, it set forth Etiolog, Pathology, Clinical presentations, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis of 35 cancerous diseases especially in viewpoints of reinforcing the body resistance and fertilizing life function, planning treatment according to the diagnosis and therapeutics of simple prescriptions or empirical prescriptions in Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Etiology of Cancer
Chapter 2 Classification and Nomenclature of Tumors
Chapter 3 the Growth, Metastasis and Malignancy of Tumors
Chapter 4 Principles of Treatment of Cancers with Integrated Medicine
Chapter 5 Theoretical Basis of FZPB Principle for Treatment of Cancer
Chapter 6 FZ Therapeutic Measures in Chinese and Western Medicine
Chapter 7 Nutrition and Diet in FZ
Chapter 8 Mental State and Qigon Principle of FZ
Chapter 9 Palliative Treatment of Advanced Cancer patients
Chapter 10 Treatment of Common Symptoms of Tumors with Combininig
Part II
Chapter 11 Neoplasm of Head and Neck
Chapter 12 Neoplastic Diseases of Alimentary Tract
Chapter 13 Neoplasm of Chest
Chapter 14 Tumor of Female Reproductive System
Chapter 15 Urinary and Male Reproductive System Neoplasms
Chapter 16 Leukemia and Neoplasm of Lymphoid Tissues
Chapter 17 Dermatological Neoplasms and Melanoma
Chapter 18 Malignant Neoplasms of the Bone
Chapter 19 Tumors of the Brain
Chapter 20 Sarcomas of the Soft Tissues
I. Classification of FZPB Materia Medica
II. Commonly Used Materia Medica in Cancer Treatment
III. Index for Evaluation of Effectiveness of Cancer Treatment
IV. General Index for Therapeutic Effect of Anticancer Agents
V. Evaluation of Therapeutic Effect of Anticancer TCM Herbs
VI. Abbreviation of Anti-cancer Drugs
VII. Drug Abbreviations In Combined Chemotherapy Procedures
VIII. References
Glossary for TCM

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