Brief introduction to Chen-Style Taiji Fan

Starring: Tiancai,Zhu
Soundtrack Language: Chinese
Subtitle Language: Chinese and English
Medium: 2 DVD
Publish Press:
Date on Shelf: 2008-12-24
ISRC: CN-M23-08-314-00/V.G8

Item Descriptions:
Chen-Style Taiji Fan is based on the Chen-Style Taijiquan, led by Chen-Style Taiji broadsword and sword techniques, and accompanied by the Chen-Style Taiji fan routines adopted by the fan function. The whole routine consists of four sections, harmoniously forceful and soft, alternatively fast and slow, particularly simple and elegant. Its practice effect is the same to Chen-Style fist and instruments though they are different in approach. The fan is portable for practice everywhere, a best choice of the elderly practice.

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